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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

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Pike County Farrands

Farrand Boys and Craven Girls! 

Mulford Keith Farrand and his brother, James Alexander Farrand both married Craven girls.  Annie married James and Mary Esther married Mulford. 
Annie and Mary Esther's parents were John J. Craven II and Henrietta George.  John Craven's parents (John Craven I and Esther Warton) were both born and raised in Yorkshire, England and are buried in Simpkins-Brown Cemetery (aka Walnut Grove Cemetery), SE 1/4, Sec 29, in Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois.
John Craven II had a sister named Sarah Craven.
Henrietta George Craven was born in London, England.d.


This is a picture of Elbridge's Gerry Farrand's son, Mulford Keith Farrand, and Mulford's son (my Great Grandfather), Harry Craven Farrand.

This picture was taken (I'm presuming) along the Illinois River, near the Family Farm, around 1896-7 (Patty Hodge collection). 

Henrietta Craven, granddaughter Henrietta Farrand, and daughter Annie Craven Farrand (about 1907)

James Alexander Farrand, husband of Annie Craven Farrand ("Past and Present of Pike County")

Nelson and Sonja Farrand - Nelson is the son of Harry Craven Farrand