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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

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Elbridge Gerry Farrand's Page

And the Julia Child Connection!

ELBRIDGE GERRY FARRAND (11/14/1814-1885) married ELIZABETH MCWILLIAMS (3/12/1802-1/23/1903) on October 25, 1853.

My G3Grandfather, Elbridge Gerry Farrand married a woman named Elizabeth McWilliams. Her father's name was James McWilliams, and she was born in Belmont County, Ohio, on March 12, 1802.

James was the son of Alexander McWilliams, who himself was born on a ship to parents who were emigrating to the United States in 1776 from Scotland. James McWilliams was the youngest of three children. His mother's name was Jane Paxton of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth's mother, Margaret Latimer, was born in Scotland. James and Margaret moved to Illinois in 1835, and took over a farm outside Griggsville.

Back to Elbridge: He left Illinois for a period of time to go to Michigan from his eighteenth year until 1845. He then moved BACK to Illinois when he once again experienced wanderlust, and left for California, where he stayed until 1852.

In 1861, he embarked in the lumber business with his Father-in-Law, the Honorable James McWilliams, and they sold doors, sashes, blinds and lumber.

Elbridge and Elizabeth had four sons: James Alexander (9/16/1864), Mulford Kitchel (12/28/1856), Harvey Latimer(9/27/1859), and Frederick Heman (4/24, 1871).

"Julia Child in the Kitchen, Again"

Elizabeth McWilliams had a brother named John McWilliams.  He married Clara Maria Dana. 
John and Clara had a son, whom they named John McWilliams, Jr. 
John McWilliams, Jr. married Julia Carolyn Weston.  John and Julia had a daughter, whom they named Julia McWilliams. 
This Julia married a man named Paul Child, and we now know her by her married name - Julia Child.
Julia McWilliams Child is the great niece of my Elizabeth McWilliams.  Julia is the 1st cousin 1x removed of my Mulford Keith Farrand.  Julia is the 2nd cousin of my Harry Craven Farrand.  Julia is the 2nd cousin 1x removed from my grandfather, Nelson Farrand.  She is the 2nd cousin 2x removed of my Dad.  She is my 2nd cousin, 3x removed. 

Ms. Julia Child
Julia McWilliams Child

I NEED YOUR HELP.  I need some proof that Elbridge Gerry Farrand was the son of Samuel Farrand II, who was the son of Bethuel and Rhoda Farrand.  Samuel was the second son of Bethuel and Rhoda to be named Samuel; the first having died young. 

I have written to the Vital Records Department and paid them a gross amount of money to provide me with a birth record for Elbridge, yet they claim each date I send them does not have a record of his birth.

This is FRUSTRATING to me - SOMEONE has a record SOMEWHERE - and I need that record to prove my Daughters of the American Revolution membership, as well as my sons need it for the Sons of the American Revolution.