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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

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Bethuel and Rhoda Smith Farrand

Bethuel Farrand was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War against England.

Bethuel Farrand was born October 4, 1741. He married Rhoda Smith on December 26, 1763.

Rhoda Smith was born in Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey, but I don't have a birthdate for her. She died in June 1839 in Addison County, Vermont.

Bethuel and Rhoda's Great-Granddaughter, Eleanor A. Hunter was so fascinated by her Great-Parent's place in freeing our Nation from England that she wrote a very lengthy poem about her Rhoda. In it, it tells the story of how Lieutenant Farrand wrote to his wife, begging her to help resupply his soldiers with socks for the upcoming winter.

Children of Bethuel and Rhoda Smith Farrand:
*Daniel b.1/19/1764 d.2/16/1829 m. Phebe Plum
*Nathan b. 1767 d. 4/1802 m. Esther Baldwin
*Isaac b. abt 1768 d. abt 1769
*Elizabeth "Betsey" b. abt 1770 d. 6/17/1836 m. Jonathan Gaines
*Moses b. abt 1772 d. 3/27/1848 m. Sarah ???
*Hannah b. abt 1775 d. 6/2/1855 m. Newton Hayward
*Rebecca b. 1/25/1777 d. 2/22/1844 m. Lyman Grandy
*Samuel b. 9/7/1781 d. 2/20/1848 m. Mary "Polly" Kitchell
*Bethuel II b. 6/12/1783 d. 6/1852 m. Fanny Marilla Shaw
*Richard b. abt 1785 d. 2/1817 m. Esther Fairchild
*Eleanor b. abt 1786 d. abt 1809 m. Truman Grandy
*Nancy b. abt 1791 d. 2/28/1811 m. Aaron Kitchell
Interestingly, Nancy Farrand married Aaron Kitchell on the day she died.  There is no explanation of why this happened.  Did Nancy die accidentally after they were married?  Did Aaron marry Nancy on her deathbed?  If you have any information on this, or I have my facts wrong, please let me know!

UPDATE MARCH 28, 2003!

Rhoda Smith Farrand is a Mayflower Descendant!  Her line, forward and backward is:
>>>>>>My Dad & My Mom
>>>>>Nelson Farrand & Leta Marie Dunham
>>>>Harry Craven Farrand & Lela Pearl Nelson
>>>Mulford Keith Farrand & Mary Craven
>>Elbridge Farrand & Elizabeth McWilliams
>Samuel Farrand & Mary "Polly" Kitchell
Rhoda Smith & Bethuel Farrand
>Hannah Allen & Samuel Smith
>>Sarah Hayward & David Richard Allen
>>>Anna White & John Hayward
>>>>Resolved White & Judith Vassall
>>>>>William White & Susannah Fuller
This information comes partly from Barbara Farrand Umstot, and is verified in "Mayflower Pilgrim Family Genealogies Through Five Generations - William White, Volume 13".

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Rhoda Smith Farrand's headstone

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