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My Favorite Haunted Places

In the fall of 2006, I was chosen as one of 4 contestants to join the Dave Glover Show on their Annual Halloween Show.  It was different that year, as in the past they'd gone to the Lemp Mansion.  After a number of years doing the show from there, they found a farm across the river in Illinois that had a supposed history of child sexual assault, possession and suicide.  Tucked neatly in the woods "out back" was a seemingly harmless pit, which was left over from the home that was above it.  After two families experienced suicide and rumours of children from the area disappearing and being found dead in the wells, the house was torn down, and the bricks scattered in the traditional way, much like Alton, Illinois. 

Fast forward to October 2006.  We were brought, blindfolded, to the site and told the stories that lingered from over many generations.  We were then led in teams of 3 (2 contestants and 1 chosen staffer) to go into the "pit" and to document any activity that took place. 

As I was "outed" as the control, or the skeptic, I went with the second group, thinking all along that I have no special talents, no sensory perceptions, and weird things don't happen to me EVER, so this will be a piece of cake.  I came into this with that frame of mind, and left forever changed. 

Trying to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits is a reaction to my obsession of how my death will happen.  I have never experienced someone dying in a quick manner, only those who fight it every step of the way.  I am fearful of my time, although I know it is inevitable.  Accepting the inevitable, I am scared of HOW it will happen.  Will I know?  Will I know my last breath?  Will I be aware of family and friends, or medical personnel being there?  Will I die alone?  Is my spirit strong enough to resist going to The Lord and instead, staying attached to my family here on earth? 

Since that time in The Pit, I have tried to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that spirits and the paranormal do exist, that we are unique in our existence, and that a part of us remains when we leave our bodies.  WHY this happens remains to be proven, but I can take comfort in proving to myself it can happen.

The following pages are some really cool places I've gone with some like-minded people, and some of the stories from each place.  I hope to update this at least once a year, with new places visited and pictures.