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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

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The Elusive Kemp Family

So many KEMPS - are WE related? 


"Family and home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson Kemp"

Photo compliments of Mr. Johnny Scott. The home is still standing and is occupied by a family not identified.

Left to right, front row:
John Dixon, helper on the farm, with two little boys
Clifford Kemp, son of Aaron Kemp
Bernice Kemp, son of Aaron Kemp
Harold Jones, Clara Jones Kemp's brother
Alberta Scott, son of Azlee Kemp Scott and John Scott
Albert Scott, son of Azlee Kemp Scott and John Scott
Vera Scott, daughter of Azlee Kemp Scott
Winnie Jones, sister of Clara Jones Kemp
Valrie Kemp Stroup, daughter of Mary and Virgil Kemp
Clara Jones Kemp, wife of Virgil Kemp
Leon Kemp, son of Mary and Virgil Kemp
Merle Kemp, daughter of Aaron Kemp
Baby Raymond Scott, son of Azlee and John Scott
Azlee Kemp Soctt, daughter of Andrew Jackson Kemp
Mintie Kemp Hill, daughter of Andrew Jackson Kemp
Ada Kemp Jones, daughter of Andrew Jackson Kemp
Sarah Elizabeth Kemp, wife of Andrew Jackson Kemp
Andrew Jackson Kemp
Printin Jones, husband of Ada Kemp Jones

List originally received by Johnny Scott from Warren Keith Kemp, dated February 14, 2001.


^Andrew Jackson Kemp, Jr.  The newspaper clipping reads "Men Who Have Succeeded".
AJK II was born on July 15, 1847 in Cummin County, GA to Andrew Jackson Kemp I and his (other) wife, Arrina Edwards (b.  March 1, 1826 in Greenville, SC   d. August 25, 1907 in Snow Hill, Collins County, TX).
AJK I died on September 27, 1949 in Snow Hill, Collins County, TX.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Tallant. 
This second family of Andrew Jackson Kemp I makes all of these descendants half cousins of ours, since my husband descends from AJK I. and his other wife, Faith Melissa Killingsworth.
(Picture from John Scott's collection)


^My "Other Mother" - Rosemary Gertken about 1940, in St. Louis.


Three Generations of Kemps: Bob Kemp, Nicholas Kemp (son of Bill), John Kemp (son of Bob), Shaun Kemp (son of Bill), Bill Kemp (son of Bob), and Alec Kemp (son of Bill).

> > > > > > > > > > > >

Taken at the wedding of Jason Marnin and Kristie Kostecki.
Jason is the son of Cathy Kemp Marnin, and grandson of Bob Kemp

Many MANY thanks go out to Mr. Dennis Dyckman and Mr. Johnny Scott who have been my salvation in putting together my children's paternal ancestors! You guys are a treasure.

The KEMP lineage, as I have it now:

Moses Kemp m. Susan Mary Tate
>Aaron Kemp m. Sarah?
>>Andrew Jackson Kemp m. Faith Melissa Killingsworth
>>>Aaron Steele Kemp m. Mary Lavina Dyckman
>>>>Arthur Steele Kemp m. Gladys Mae Dunhausen
>>>>>Robert Lawrence Kemp m. Rosemary Gertken


^ My Father-in-Law, Bob Kemp. (From Rosemary Kemp's collection)

Family stories tell that my husband's grandparents, Arthur Steele and Gladys Mae Dunhausen Kemp, were Baptist.  They had 6 sons, and they were raised Baptist, but assumed the religion of the families they married into.  This explains why some of my husband's cousins are Catholic, and some are Mormon. 

The "Dyckman Family History Report" by Dennis Dyckman updated in April 2001. If you have, or would like more information on the Dyckman Family, contact Dennis Dyckman at!

Some pictures and archivals supplied by Johnny Scott of the Andrew Jackson Kemp family. John has a Rootsweb site researching the "Scott, Kemp, Bain, Crook, and Bates" names, among others. You can see this at:

This information was published with their written consent.

Some pictures and archivals on the immediate Kemp Family are my own.