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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

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Nathaniel Farrand I

MY direct lineage to Nathaniel Farrand I.

The original name of the Farrand Family is believed to be Dusson (d'Usson, D'Usson, or D'Husson). Members of the Family were Counts of Mont de Ferrand and Clermont-Ferrand in southern France. Daniel d'Usson was a Huguenot and fled to England in 1550. It was there he adopted the name "Ferrand", or "Farrand". His decendant, Nathaniel Farrand, emigrated from London in 1645 and settled in Milford, Connecticut. His grandson, Samuel Farrand (1680-1750)married Hannah Wheeler, daughter of Joseph and Dorcas Wheeler. They had ten children. Descendants listed below lived in New Jersey and elsewhere.

I have more information than that which is listed here. For simplicity, I have only published MY direct line to the Patriarch, Nathaniel Farrand I.

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Nathaniel Farrand I 
>Nathaniel Farrand II (1645-1733)& Mary Cobb
>>Samuel Farrand (1680-1750)& Hannah Wheeler
>>>Ebenezer Farrand (1705-1777) & Rebecca Ward
>>>>Bethuel Farrand (2nd Lt)(1741-1794) & Rhoda Smith
>>>>>Samuel Farrand (1781-1848) & Mary Kitchel
>>>>>>Elbridge Gerry Farrand (1814-1885) & Elizabeth McWilliams
>>>>>>>Mulford Keith Farrand (1856-1923) & Mary Esther Craven
>>>>>>>>Harry Craven Farrand (1889-?) & Lela Pearl Nelson
>>>>>>>>>Nelson Farrand (1913 - 1997) & Leta Marie Dunham
>>>>>>>>>>Richard Nelson Farrand (1935-P) & Carol Lee Gornik 

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