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The Farrand Families of Missouri and Illinois

Welcome to my Farrand Family Tree! There are also Kemps, Nelsons and Gorniks to see.   One day I hope to add some Jorgensens and Sorensens.   I have pictures, clippings from newspapers, and my notes from when I went to the County Seat in Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois in 1996.

The Farrand Family Farm

I would like to thank my Grandfather, Nelson Farrand, who gave me the greatest gift - a lead to follow on our Farrand Family.  
Also, I want to thank the following people, without whom I'd still be floundering:  Joanne Todd Rabun, John Scott, Dennis Dyckman, and Paul Farrand.
People that contributed that don't even know it are Robert Farrand of Grant's Pass, OR and Miss Morna Farrand of O'Neill, Nebraska. 
Last but not least, my new friends, Gerri Gornik,  and Barbara Kemp.
Thank you, all of you, for the hard work that you did that made my work just a little bit easier.  I only hope that I've somehow repaid you in kind.

Some references: "Past and Present of Pike County" - a text found in the Pike County Library in Pittsfield, IL.   Mr. James D. Partin, Sons of the American Revolution.   "Material Concerning the Farrand Family" by Alexander Ross Piper - LDS Film #0003037, Item 11. "Newark" by John T. Cunningham, published 1966 by the New Jersey Historical Society.
1850 Census of Pike County, IL.   1880 Census of Pike County, IL.   Scraps and clippings from The Pike Press, in Pittsfield, IL.   "The History of Lake County, Indiana" by T.H. Ball.   JTR's Colorful Families - website "The Gene Pool" by Joanne Todd Rabun.

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